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Thorough Content/Substantive Editing for your Manuscript


Developmental Manuscript Editor. 
Content/substantive line editor.
Ghostwriter/ creative writer.




I will happily edit anything.


Well, almost anything. I prefer fiction and have plenty of experience with science fiction, MG, YA, fantasy as well as contemporary fiction and any combination of the above-listed genres!


I also dabble in romance.


I do edit plenty of non-fiction, but charges are likely to vary based on the amount of research involved.


I also offer ghostwriting services for both fiction and non-fiction novels and novellas.


Developmental editing for those who need help the most!

I often work with first-time authors, self-published authors, as well as those who seek traditional publishing. I am a substantive editor, which means that I do a lot of edits that reach to the heart of your struggles with the craft of storytelling

I love the absurd. If you have a unique manuscript, I specialize in bringing out and maintaining that quality


I do an in-depth line edit of each manuscript with which I am entrusted.


I have been editing for a little over ten years now; I've been a content editor for six years. Shortly after becoming a content editor, I learned to copy edit, and I also proofread. The Chicago Manual of Style is at my side at all times as a reference point, but I am familiar with other manuals as well and work with all types of English-speaking authors or ESL authors. I have a tendency (unless explicitly asked otherwise) to do both a content and a copy edit of each manuscript that I receive. 


I love words. I love arranging them to have a new meaning. I love finding that sentence that sticks out like a sore thumb and crafting it so that it doesn't.


I heavily focus on developmental/content/substantive editing. My forte is finding inconsistencies within the manuscript and fixing them. I look for tense-switches, plot holes, a consistent narrative voice (or voices). 


I have a great eye for awkward phrasing as well as pacing and structural issues.

Revision & Proofreading
Developmental/Substantive Editing
Manuscript Evaluations



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I live in Indiana with my husband and our three cats. Let's see . . . I play the upright bass (poorly) and I love the Green Bay Packers.

I have an identical twin who also writes and edits--go figure! She's also part of our team!


I've always loved to read books, and have been passionate about the interpretation of classic literature.


I am also a writer, so I understand the work, blood, sweat, and (especially) tears that go into crafting a manuscript. I have a healthy respect for those who have the courage to share their work, and that respect translates into a wonderful service for all of my authors.


P.S- I love my cats. Yes, there will absolutely be random cat pictures.

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Subtsantive and devlopmental editor. Proofreader. Copyeditor.


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